about … “We take you from branches to the leaf to find where the fruit is….”

We’re Bangladesh’s accommodation site / OTAs,  booking engine, and an open platform for hotel bookers/travelers where they can book hotel rooms within a few seconds at any destination in Bangladesh. We explore our Motherland, do research, and negotiate the best deals ever to suit your budget and travel requirements. Our mission is to offer travelers unrivaled savings at popular destinations, creating an unforgettable trip at Honest Prices in Bangladesh.

 About us?
Our vision is to be your best-entrusted Accommodation partner in Bangladesh,Bookingpart.com is a private entity comprising an exceptional team of professionals who are passionate about providing quality service in the inbound travel business. In other words, Bookingpart.com is your most reliable partner among OTAs, who go beyond boundaries to make your holiday dream a reality, in your own style. We possess extensive local knowledge, expertise, and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of Tours, Excursions, Activities, Events, Transportation, and Program Logistics and we are very ambitious to be a leader in the Travel industry today and in the future. We are geared to meet all the challenges we encounter in the field of competition and aspire to deliver our services with quality and consistency. Our primary objective is to make your trip the most soothing, interesting, and unforgettable one for you, helping you explore the unique tastes of Bangladesh whilst ensuring reliable customized travel services are at your utmost satisfaction.

To be your best-entrusted accommodation partner in Bangladesh.

We strive to make Bookingpart.com a Global Network

The Smiling faces of Bookingpart.com are born and raised within the Country and have extensive years of knowledge about accommodation in the motherland. Our team is always here to serve you the best. The core of Bookingpart.com  is its staff and they go the extra mile in building personal relationships that earn the ‘trust’ of their valued clientele.

Our Genius IT team develops Bookingpart.com with the latest technology for online reservations. We strive to make Bookingpart.com a Global Network.  You will find us at #1 among accommodation sites or OTAs in Bangladesh.                                

 ▪No credit card is needed  ▪Few seconds to make a reservation
 ▪Instant confirmation  ▪Easy to make changes in booking online. 

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